The African Drums program will give participants a form of exercise, self-discipline, self-pride, self-respect and respect for others.  Team work is stressed in this character building program. 


In this class you learn how to express yourself around other's by sharing your life interest's. You are surrounded by people who are interested to listen to you and support your ideas, giving you encouragement to be yourself.

African Drums Class:

$45.00 per hour.

Off Site/In Home: 

$65.00 per hour. 

Committed to the idea that crafts in any form are a very important positive force in one's life, it is our firm belief that everyone, no matter what his or her capabilities, has an inner core of creativity just waiting to be realized.

Other important areas such as eye-hand coordination, problem solving, fine motor dexterity and even social skills are all part of the interactive experience.

Creative Arts Class:

$45.00 per hour.

Off Site/In Home: 

$65.00 per hour. 

The Participants will be given a binder to organize all recipes and will be able to refer to those at home and create the dishes on their own. As outlined by the NYS Department of Health, emphasis is placed on the proper handling of food and safe use of tools and appliances. Safety gloves and alternative kitchen tools are introduced as needed participants develop independent ways of preparing their own meals with quite minimal risk of injury.

Cooking Class:

$55.00 per hour.

Off Site/In Home: 

$65.00 per hour. 

$80.00 per hour medium size portion.

Communication classes are offered for students to learn effective communication and social skills. Sessions may be held both 1:1 and in group settings where communication can be fostered. Staff hold a BS in Communicative Disorders and Sciences.

Communication Class:

$65.00 per hour.

Our Personal Fitness  program works to promote and encourage wellness practices for participants and the community. We support a holistic view of health in which physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health are considered interconnected and essential in achieving improved health and wellness. 

Personal Fitness Class / on site:

$45.00 per hour.

Off Site: 

$60.00 per hour. 

We provide these digital classes to motivate our students to use technology.

Video Making

$65.00 per hour.

Basic Computer

$45.00 per hour.

Acting Class

$50.00 per hour.

Music Recording

$60.00 per hour.

Photoshop Editing

$50.00 per hour.

My Life Photo Class

$50.00 per hour.

Classes: Off Site/In home $65.00 per hour.

This is a one on one class. It becomes a group class when all participants agree to make it a group class. In this class students learn healthy relationships skills and how to walk away from an unhealthy situation or relationship. They also learn to report abusive situations without fear.

Healthy Relationship:

$50.00 per hour.

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 Library,Workshop, Church & Retreat.

Group leader Mayukwa Kashiwa, was born in Zambia, Africa. He is part of the Kaonde Tribe. He is the author of the children's  book titled  Mayukwa and the Leopard. He shares his culture in a vibrant performance incorporating African drumming and dance, along with traditional storytelling. His interactive program teaches children morals and guidance, while allowing them freedom of expression through movement and music. He adds a modern aspect with upbeat instrumentals, afro songs, afro dancing and African drums, while staying true to his authentic African Culture.



1. African Drums for kids.

  -Social African Drums

  -Children Sing Along


2. African Drums Workshop: 

   -Social African Drums

   -African Drums with Songs

   -African Drums with Dancing

Events: 45 minutes.

​​Call us:

(585) 802 - 2495


(585) 454 - 5249

Find us: 

Building Families First, Inc.

111 N. Chestnut St. Rochester, NY. 14604

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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