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At Building Families First, we specialize in providing professional and reliable care consultation services to our various clients across the United States. Those organizations that offer daily activities, in-home care activities, or personal centered activities. Our organization will help train your staff to learn more effective ways to provide quality, creative and efficient work habits to help assist the individuals of all-abilities that you support.


With a focus on and expertise in Personal centered activities supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, our dedicated team understands the importance of providing quality care to our client members while reducing overall healthcare costs. Our professional team can work on projects in a multitude of capacities, including consulting temp to perm, permanent and/or per diem. Delivering quality creative services is what sets Building Families First, Inc, apart from others.



- Person Centered Activities Planning.

- In-Home Care Activities Planning.

- Group-Home Staff Team Work Building.


- Parent / Legal Guardians Support.


- Training Services.

- Adaptive Activities Training.

- New Program Creation.



- Enterprise Image Design.

- Web Design.

- Mobile Design.

- Design of Advertising Material.

- Digital Catalogs Design.

- Digitization of all your legal documentation.



- Digital Marketing Consultant.

- SEO.

- Social Media.

- Web Analytics.

- E-commerce. ​

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