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(585) 802 - 2495


(585) 454 - 5249

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Building Families First, Inc.

111 N. Chestnut St. Rochester, NY. 14604

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


This program will offer a series of hands-on fun, cooking classes that will  maximize independence by teaching how to create nutritious and delicious  meals in a safe manner. Participants will be given a binder to organize all recipes and will be able to refer to those at home and create the dishes on their own. As outlined by the NYS Department of Health, emphasis is placed on the proper handling of food and safe use of tools and appliances. Safety gloves and alternative kitchen tools are introduced as needed participants develop independent ways of preparing their own meals with quite minimal risk of injury.

Cooking Class / Gluten Free:

$60 per hour small portion


$80 per hour medium portion

Off Site/In Home: 

$65 per hour. 

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