Mayukwa Kashiwa


With over ten years of experience working in social services in America and overseas, Mayukwa Kashiwa has assisted the public in several capacities including setting up public schools in Zambia, advocating for people with developmental disabilities to have access to public transportation in South Africa,  and providing financial assistance to low income families start up small businesses in Botswana. He has also supervised residential homes, provided case management for individuals with developmental disabilities, served as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional, drug and alcohol addiction counselor and contracts with the Rochester City School District providing an after school program which includes; African drums, anger management classes, social skills classes, and a home work assistance program. Educationally, Mayukwa has a BA in Social Work from Keuka College, an AS in Human Services from MCC and has a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutritional. 

Mayukwa's education, experience and having a daughter has been a driving force in the expansion of developmental disabilities BFF's mission.


MC Ron G.

Professional Singer

Ron, Helps students learn about music business, recording and talent promotion. 


Music Instructor and Music Recording.


Erin Bertou

Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Erin has experience working  with people with developmental disabilities for more than 10 years. She has a BS in Communicative Disorders and Sciences from University at Buffalo, NY. 


At Building Families First, She assists individuals with disabilities to improve Communication skills and implementing educational, therapeutic and behavioral classes to students. 


King Musabandesu 


King Musabandesu has over 5 years experience working in the Human Services Industry Via ARC of Monroe and internationally. King enjoys working with people of all abilities and ages. He specializes in African drums classes, music engineering/ recording, fitness instruction, adaptive hand over hand therapy, intelligent social skills, individual support and so on. King believes in touching and changing our community for the best one student at a time. His driving force and motivation align with Building Families First values: Exceptional, compassion and care. 


Thalia Nitai

Creative Arts 


Thalia provides creative art projects for individuals of all abilities. She has  over 10 years of experience, and uses a wide variety of art mediums, giving students freedom to explore many forms of art. 

Teaching can be done hand over hand or taught verbally. These classes can be held on or off site depending on your needs. Thalia truly enjoy's encouraging others to embrace their creativity.

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