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Building Families First Staff


Mayukwa Kashiwa

President / CEO


King Musabandesu 



Maurisbel Castilla

Web Design

Maurisbel has been working with people with developmental disabilities for over five years providing digital web design and financial services support. Their goal has always been to help people of all abilities learn and understand technology. Working in the area of ​​Social Services in New York we are able to help each person develop different skills to apply them in daily life.


Mayukwa Kashiwa, an esteemed leader with over a decade of experience, has made significant contributions to social services both in the United States and abroad. His multifaceted expertise has positively impacted communities across continents. Global Impact: Mayukwa’s commitment transcends borders. He has tirelessly worked in both America and overseas, leaving an indelible mark on diverse communities. His initiatives range from establishing public schools in Zambia to advocating for accessible public transportation for people with developmental disabilities in Botswana.


Holistic Approach: As a seasoned professional, Mayukwa wears many hats: a guardian of residential homes, a navigator of complex case management, and a tireless advocate. His case management skills have been instrumental in assisting individuals with developmental disabilities, tailoring solutions to their unique needs. Serving as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional, Mayukwa champions the rights and dignity of those he serves.


Education and Expertise: Mayukwa’s educational background reflects his passion for service. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Keuka College, where he honed his understanding of community dynamics and social justice. Currently pursuing his Master of Social Work (MSW), Mayukwa remains committed to continuous learning and professional growth. He is also certified in child trauma and child abuse, further enhancing his ability to support vulnerable populations.


Community Engagement: The rhythm of Mayukwa’s impact echoes through all  Elementary Schools and Colleges . African drums beat in harmony with young hearts. Anger management classes, social skills workshops, and community-building initiatives—each note strikes a chord of empowerment.


Personal Motivation: As a father, Mayukwa knows that change begins at home. His children inspire  him to build a world where everyone belongs. The mission of people with all abilities BFF expands under his stewardship, making a lasting difference in the lives of those he serves. Mayukwa Kashiwa’s legacy exemplifies compassion, resilience, and visionary leadership. His tireless efforts continue to shape a more equitable world for all.


King Musabandesu has over 5 years experience working in the Human Services Industry Via ARC of Monroe and internationally. King enjoys working with people of all abilities and ages. He specializes in African drums classes, music engineering/ recording, fitness instruction, adaptive hand over hand therapy, intelligent social skills, individual support and so on. King believes in touching and changing our community for the best one student at a time. His driving force and motivation align with Building Families First values: Exceptional, compassion and care. 


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