African Drums Group

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Group leader Mayukwa Kashiwa, was born in Zambia, Africa. He is part of the Kaonde Tribe. He is the author of the children's  book titled  Mayukwa and the Leopard. He shares his culture in a vibrant performance incorporating African drumming and dance, along with traditional storytelling. His interactive program teaches children morals and guidance, while allowing them freedom of expression through movement and music. He adds a modern aspect with upbeat instrumentals, afro songs, afro dancing and African drums, while staying true to his authentic African Culture.



1. African Drums for kids.

  -Social African Drums

  -Children Sing Along


2. African Drums Workshop: 

   -Social African Drums

   -African Drums with Songs

   -African Drums with Dancing

Events: 45 minutes.

​​Call us:

(585) 802 - 2495


(585) 454 - 5249

Find us: 

Building Families First, Inc.

111 N. Chestnut St. Rochester, NY. 14604

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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