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African Drums

The African Drums program will give participants a form of exercise, self-discipline, self-pride, self-respect and respect for others. 

Team work is stressed in this character building program. 



In this class you learn how to express yourself around other's by sharing your life interest's. You are surrounded by people who are interested to listen to you and support your ideas, giving you encouragement to be yourself. We have learned that some students need 2:1 class to achieve a set goal. If you request 2 instructors for one student,  a $25.00 dollar increase per hour will be applied to the regular class cost.

African Drums Class: On- Site: $65.00 per hour.  - Off Site/In Home: $80.00 per hour.       

African Drums / Dance: $70.00 per hour. - Off Site/In Home: $80.00 per hour. 

Creative Arts

Committed to the idea that crafts in any form are a very important positive force in one's life, it is our firm belief that everyone, no matter what his or her capabilities, has an inner core of creativity just waiting to be realized.

Other important areas such as eye-hand coordination, problem solving, fine motor dexterity and even social skills are all part of the interactive experience.

Creative Arts Class: $70.00 per hour.                 Off Site/In Home: $80.00 per hour. 

Cooking Class

The Participants will be given a binder to organize all recipes and will be able to refer to those at home and create the dishes on their own. As outlined by the NYS Department of Health, emphasis is placed on the proper handling of food and safe use of tools and appliances. Safety gloves and alternative kitchen tools are introduced as needed. Participants develop independent ways in preparing their own meals in safe and fun methods.


The Participants will be given a binder to organize all recipes and will be able to customize and create the food of choice to cook during the class.  As outlined by the NYS Department of Health, emphasis is placed on the proper handling of food and safe use of tools and appliances. Safety gloves and alternative kitchen tools are introduced as needed. Participants develop independent ways in preparing their own meals in safe and fun methods.

Cooking Class: $80.00 per hour.    Off Site/In Home: $95.00 per hour.    Customized Cooking Class: $95.00 per hour.    

We provide these digital classes to motivate our students to use technology.

Acting Class: $65.00 per hour.

My Life Photo Class: $65.00 per hour.

Photoshop Editing: $65.00 per hour.

Video Making: $80.00 per hour.

Music Recording: $75.00 per hour.

Classes Off Site/In home: $80.00 per hour.

Digital Classes

Poetry and Short Stories: $65.00 per hour.

Mentoring Music: $70.00 per hour.

Audio Editing: All music recorded at BFF Studio is edited and mastered by our professional music engineers, which makes the sound to come out loud, perfect and clean. Students have the opportunity to learn music editing skills during the recording session.

Audio Editing: $65.00 per hour.      

Computer Class

Soft skills computer class:

In computer classes, we will learn basic computer skills such as setting up and email execution. We will cover basic level Microsoft office navigation in WORD and EXCEL documents to set you up with using these features and apps to complete everyday tasks.

Computer Class: $65.00 per hour.

Personal Fitness

Our Personal Fitness  program works to promote and encourage wellness practices for participants and the community. We support a holistic view of health in which physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health are considered interconnected and essential in achieving improved health and wellness. 

Personal Fitness Class / On- Site and Virtual: $80.00 per hour.       

Off Site: $90.00 per hour. 

Healthy Relationships

This is a one on one class. It becomes a group class when all participants agree to make it a group class. In this class, students learn healthy relationship skills and how to walk away from unhealthy situations and relationships. Participants will be empowered with techniques to report abusive situations to appropriate authorities without the feel of fear or shame.

Healthy Relationship: $65.00 per hour.

Engineering For Kids

Engineering For Kids:

This class is designed to challenge the BRAIN POWER in each of the kids by building mechanical objects like windmills, Cranes and robotic projects. Team concepts in a social environment are front and center on each project.

Engineering For Kids: $70.00 per hour.

Music For Kids

Our drum lessons for kids offer a step-by-step approach to mastering the drum sounds. Beginner students start with rhythm basics and drumming fundamentals. As they move up, students learn African drum sounds and storylines behind drumming techniques. This class takes place on Wednesday and Saturday.

Music For Kids: $70.00 per hour.

Communication Classes

Communication classes are offered for students to learn effective communication and social skills. Sessions may be held both 1:1 and in group settings where communication can be fostered. 

Communication Classes: $80.00 per hour.   

Budget Planning Class

Budgeting and financial literacy:

We offer simplified but effective intermediary budgeting and finance literacy classes aimed at achieving improved spending habits that matches your income revenues and lifestyle. During this class, together we will discover reasonable ways to balance spending successfully.

Budgeting Class: $65.00 per hour.

Health & Wellness Day

Health & Wellness Day:

Our Health and Wellness Day Trip is designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being for the students. A day of learning relaxation, rejuvenation, and fun and leaving the students feeling refreshed and invigorated. Activities include guided nature walks, fitness classes and eating healthy meals.

Health & Wellness Day: $90.00 per hour

Community Interactive

The Community Interactive Class is all about hands on experiences, learning relevant skills by integrating group activities while in the community. In this fashion students learn how to apply class training in the real world and make transitions between indoor and outdoor activities.

These classes involve:

- Learning Kayaking.

- Group Kayaking.

- African Drum Classes in the Community.

- Working Skills Project.

- Communications Social Group Activity.

- Intelligent Social Skills.

- Team Work / Team Building Skills.

- Soft Job Skills: We provide upskill training for aspiring job candidates with soft office organisation and warehouse management etiquette training. 

Community Interactive Class: $70.00 per hour.

Behavior Management

Behavior Management:

Behavior management focuses on maintaining positive habits and reducing negative ones. The provider helps the parent create new daily living  activities  to help the child improve the quality of life and reduce negative behaviors. Before the class can start , the provider will first meet with the parent and child to create the Behavior Management plan.

Behavior Management: $80.00 per hour.

Recess Community Classes

Winter and Spring Break Community Classes:

These classes are designed for children's recess during this period of the year, we focus on these activities teaching them and developing various creative and social skills.

Community Classes: $60.00 per hour / price per child.

Adapted Fitness Training

Adapted Fitness Training: Adapted fitness is personal training for people with both temporary and permanent disabilities, adapted to the needs of the individual. It can be utilized for weight management, stress management, healthier lifestyle choices, and more.

Adapted Fitness Training: $100.00 per hour

Daily Class Program

Daily Class Program - Monday to Friday: 

9:00 - 10:00 am - African Drumming.

10:00 - 11:00 am - Dancing.

11:00 am- 12:00 pm - Plant Based Cooking.

12:00 pm - Lunch Time.

*Need Registration.

Music Class

Music Class: is an intervention to accomplish individualized goals by a professional music teacher to address a variety of educational goals.


  • Promote Wellness

  • Manage Stress

  • Express Feelings

  • Enhance Memory

  • Improve Communication

  • Promote Physical Rehabilitation

Music Class: $70.00 per hour in Home

How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business: Starting a business takes research, self-confidence and a measure of fearlessness. You may already be asking yourself: How can I start my own business? Here you will learn the essential steps on how to start a business, from choosing the right business idea, creating a solid business plan and structuring your company.

Business Class: $100.00 per hour.


* Holidays: All student session, we will charge $25.00, for the activities given on those days. 

* Extra - Instructor: If 2 instructors are requested, a charge of $25.00 applies.

* Cancellation Policy: All scheduled sessions and classes MUST be cancelled giving 24 hours notice.

Building Families First reserves the right to bill for cancellations without enough notification.


Temporary Class Transportation can be provided upon a client's or student's request either directly, through 

com-hab or a guardian. BFF will initiate billing for the class at pick up time and stop at drop off time.

Transportation fees not associated to a class or BFF program to be determined at a later time.

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