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Parent - Child Reunification

What Is Parent-Child Reunification class:

Reunification class is a relatively new class intervention that has been gaining popularity in family court. This intervention is a form of Parent-child relationship building program which occurs between parent and child whose relationship has been severed. The goal of this intervention program is to restore the relationship between the parent and child.

Reunification process is a model that anticipates involving both non-custodial/reunifying parent and the custodial parent. Reunification classes can last from five to twenty or more sessions. The length of time is dependent upon severity of problems and level of support from the custodial parent. Each family’s reunification process may be different as it will be specific to their family’s circumstances. In general, the reunification class process starts with small steps and those steps build as the parent-child relationship is strengthened.

  • BFF mediation will supervise a visit with parent/guadian and child(ren) documenting no-verbal, verbal and physical interactions .

  • In this setting, mediation supervisor may offer guidelines and tips to parent/guadian to best improve interactions and relationship for child-parent.

  • The program has five stages to be completed.

  •  Stage l:  Parent-child relationship.

  • Stage ll: Parent-child communication building.

  • Stage lll: Parent-child emotion reconciliation.

  • Stage lV: Parent-child unification with siblings/family.

  • Stage V: Parents/ Co-parenting.


Price: $100.00 per hour.​

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