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Make Your Own Spice Blends and Seasoning

Spices can make any simple one ingredient dish taste unique and mouth-watering, you just need to know how to choose and use them in cooking. Besides irresistible flavours, spices also enrich our nutrition, improve digestion and boost our immune system. Spices are not just about flavour, they can become your own home pharmacy. You will learn the traditional Indian science of using spices as home remedies and how to get the best nutrition value from cooking with spices.

What you will learn:

  • Mixing and measuring techniques for delicious food.

  • How to mix and match homemade spices and seasonings.

  • How to properly cook herbs and spices to bring out authentic flavours from around the world.

  • How to package and store spices and seasonings.

Price: $80.00 per hour/per person.

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